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Top 10 Trends in Video Game Industry

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Billions more anticipated to play Video games in Future – How?
Every day a game designer works to create something which is unexplored yet in the game entertainment and they try to stay one step ahead. They are already on their way to develop the next best thing which will hit the gaming world any day. Today, the gaming industry is growing at a double-digit rate which is predicted to reach $180 billion
by 2021, the reason behind is the several trends and millions of people playing games every day. As per Statistics, today we have 2.21 billion gamers worldwide, and it is expected to touch 2.73 billion by 2021.

Let me take you through the Top 10 trends in Video Game Design:


1. Massive Multiplayer Worlds:
One of the largest trends in game design is nothing but huge multiplayer worlds. This is a massive accomplishment for game designers, and efforts on these type of games don't certainly end once these games are out in the market. There are always patches, expansions, mini-games, activities and events inside the game that can be taken out or added to improve gameplay, which will keep players interest level high.


2. Indie Games:
A recent trend shows that many gamers have a lot of dedication to indie or independent games. These games are designed and manufactured by individual game makers and not by the big box labels. Some of these games can be downloaded to PCs as well as in consoles. These Independent labels provide exciting games at very reasonable prices.


3. Open World Designs:
One of the most interesting and at the same time difficult trends in games is recognised as the open world concept. The meaning of this is that players are not bound by the restrictions on exploring the whole site and interact with characters and objects on a new but more complex level. This can be a real challenge/ incredibly mundane as well as
completely captivating at many times.


4. Battle Royale Games
Today if you see, most of the games are based on battle royal modes. The marvel of such games as Fortnite and PUBG is well known globally. The secret of its success is nothing but the gameplay of which shows a single player paired with perfect survival challenges. It is so tempting because you can play these games online and fascinating online communication with real-life competitors.


5. Cell Phone Games
Today every person has cell phones which makes it the most efficient platform which every game designers want to adopt for his/ her game. Mobile-based games are becoming an addiction for many users. The games are smaller than old-fashioned PC or console games, but they are available at a much cheaper cost and need fewer extras to keep them exciting since the mobile screens are so small. This is opening the wider doors in opportunities and career for the new/ small gaming companies to make bigger splashes and to become famous within the community. Due to many such reasons, the mobile segment shows up +25.5% annual growth in the game industry as compared to other platforms.


6. Creativity
From the last decade, the Game industry has seen incredible creativity in game design. Epic Games' Fortnite and Activision Blizzard's Overwatch are the two remarkable examples of creativity in game design. These games have introduced an exclusive twist in the first-person shooter category, which is factually been dominated by military subjects/ themes. Another important factor is that these games have brought female characters to the hard-core shooter game as compared to any other games in past years. Fortnite and overwatch showcase a cartoonish appearance and a roster characters that expose the playful and creative sides of these epic games.


7. Better graphics
With the help of today’s leading graphics card makers i.e. Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) and NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA), the games are getting cinematic and gaining popularity worldwide for ongoing advances in graphics technology in the game industry. The graphics in games, make it more interesting for the player as well as the people who are watching the game. NVIDIA's latest RTX graphics cards are very much potential to take in-
game pragmatism to a whole new level of graphics.


8. The return of classics
Over the few past years, Nintendo and many other game makers have redeveloped the classic games from decades-old years that bang into the longing of many former gamers has for their early days of childhoods. Nintendo has already released classic editions of the original SNES and NES consoles. The demand for these structure has reached to a point that Nintendo had a very difficult time meeting the demand after launching of NES Classic in 2016.


9. Game streaming
Game streaming is helpful in advertising trending titles of the games to new audiences/player. Every month, millions of people visit the Alphabet's YouTube and' Switch to watch an esport event or their beloved/ favourite personalities playing games for hours together. You won’t believe, but as per SuperData, more people love to watch gaming related contents than the overall viewership of ESPN, HBO, Hulu and Netflix.


10. Revenues on the Rise
Among present gaming world trends, this one is the steadiest, over a year after years. As per the Newzoo, global gaming market revenues are growing at double-digit rates since the year 2012, and the pace of growth is expected to be up until 2021. As of 2018, Newzoo estimates a revenue increase of 13.3%, i.e. $16.2 billion as compared to
the former year, up to $137.9 billion. And almost a quarter of global revenue is going to come from China, which is the world’s largest gaming market.



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