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Learn about AR & VR in the Gaming Industry

What is VR and AR in Gaming Industry?

VR (Virtual reality) and AR (Augmented reality) are the recent technological advancements being applied in the entertainment, gaming, marketing, education, fashion, and art industries. The virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are becoming mainstream and a worthwhile topic in almost every industry. In 2014, there were hardly 1 million VR users, but in the next few years that number incredibly increased to more than 150 million users. And this number is expected to go up even up over the coming years. As per Zion Market Research report in 2016, the VR business was valued at approximately $2 billion.

Video game producers have always been eager to transport players into the gaming world. Since decades, new innovations are being added and giving us 360-degree views of lifelike environments and haptic experience through controls. As AR (Augmented reality) and VR (Virtual reality) take this few steps further and can make the gamers enthusiastic about the world he/ she is in, either it’s the fictional world or augmented real world.

In Virtual reality (VR) there is a complete immersion in a virtual world that shuts out the physical world. Using VR devices such as HTC Vive, players can be brought into a number of real-world and fantasized environments. Examples of VR are the middle of a  penguin colony and the back of a dragon.

In the case of AR, it adds digital components to a live scene often by utilizing the camera on a phone. For example, we all know the very famous game “Pokémon Go”. This is one of the most immersive AR based game which provides the best experience as on today by bringing the Pokémon into our real world. In this game, players use their smartphones to see the real world that is exactly in front of them and technology puts additional details into it. In this case, a Pokémon is added in the real world which gives a real-time experience. For a long time, people were playing this game in all the corners of the world. Since its release, players have made almost 113 million friends throughout the universe and have also sent more than 2.2 billion gifts to each other. As on Today, there are 5 million people across the world who play this game daily.


Future Trends of AR and VR technology for gaming market


This technology of AR & VR is only going to get better and enhanced with time. So let’s take a look at some future trends of these two in the coming future.


1. It will go Beyond Vision and Sound – Sound and vision are the major senses used today in the gaming industry, but there is progress going on that will implicate other senses in VR. At present, there is already a VR scent device which can be linked to any VR based headset. There’s also a multisensory VR Mask named as “FEEL REAL”, which intensifies the player’s VR existence using stimulations like special effects of water mist, heat, the wind, vibration and many more.


A company named “LooxidVR” produced the world’s first ever mobile VR headset which has electroencephalogram and eye-tracking cameras. It offers the exceptional amount of interaction and control amongst the headset and the user, as well as the stream of data to app creators.”


2. The beginning of Augmented Reality’s Rule on the gaming industry – Gaming apps like Pokemon Go have certainly positioned AR into the limelight. Seeing the user growth and likes, many other similar games have been made since. Today AR is developing at its rapid pace, and soon will be “the next big thing” in the market. Whereas VR requires an extra physical unit (like goggles), AR is more easy to reach and handy. AR turns your everyday devices, for example, your tablet or a smartphone, into digital interfaces.


Basically, AR is just an enhanced version of a real-world physical reality of which features are overlaid by computer-generated real-world instrumental inputs such as graphics, sound, haptics and video, etc.


What is the best aspect of AR/VR development in the Gaming industry?


The AR and VR are definitely going to bring back the communal aspect of gaming. Even though multiplayer games like “couch co-op” in which players share a TV screen surely exist, but the trend for gaming has been to become more of a solitary experience. VR, by divergence, has the perspective to be the definitive party game. By means of a green screen, viewers can follow alongside as a player enters the virtual world, watching not only their view but also about how the gamer fits into this new world. And what do you think could be more communal than seeing a friend physically/ literally move around a virtual surrounding while enjoying your drink/ laying on your favourite couch?